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The MOBOTIX digital surveillance camera is world renowned for its image quality. This Mobotix camera is in great demand because of its technical specification and cost effectiveness when compared with traditional CCTV offerings. Mobotix offers you top quality CCTV parts, surveillance accessories, equipment and materials for CCTV cameras. An initial design criteria, which said ‘No moving parts’ within the  camera, has resulted in a system that requires virtually no maintenance. IP Surveillance systems allow the possibility of viewing real-time camera images securely over the internet and with this even small companies can create their own property surveillance.

“No need for an expensive, single point of failure, Network Video Recorder” as each Mobotix camera contains it’s own image management system in software for the storage and instant retrieval of event driven images from a standard PC server. The only software required to manage the system is a browser (IE6 etc.,). Systems can be configured from as few as two cameras to hundreds, even thousands, with no additional costs other than image storage requirements. A Mobotix camera on the system designated as the ‘master’ can allow the control and multiview of any other cameras on the LAN or WAN

Being IP based, remote management and viewing of cameras over a VPN/Internet connection is simple – just a mouse click away.

The shots below, demonstrate the exceptional high quality images that can be viewed via a Mobotix camera.

  • High image quality with a resolution of 1.3 million pixels
  • Fully browser-based – no software installation or plug-ins required
  • Simple connection via Ethernet, DSL or ISDN
  • Camera configuration and playback of recorded images from any browser anywhere in the world
  • Lip-synchronous audio and intercom features via Ethernet/DSL and ISDN
  • Audio room surveillance using standard browser (Internet Explorer)
  • Minimum network load thanks to innovative MxPEG compression scheme (patent pending)
  • Integrated event-controlled or scheduled recording
  • Live recording of up to 30 cameras with full 25 fps each on one single Pentium 4-class PC – audio included!
  • No limitation regarding the number of cameras and storage media; the system remains scalable
  • Long-term storage of videos or individual images in a ring buffer on a standard PC or file server
  • Integrated buffer can bridge network outages of up to 4,000 images or 6 minutes video
  • Maintenance-free and weatherproof from -300 C to +600 C (-220F to 1400 F) as the system has no moving parts
  • Alarm notification via email, SMS or phone call
  • MxPEG Viewer with layout editor for easily creating site maps with freely movable live video streams
  • Backlight correction with user-definable exposure areas
  • Professionally equipped with sensors, video motion detectors, Infrared, sensor, microphone and loudspeaker
  • Scheduled display of transparent logos
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