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T.I.S. Ltd. has been established in the Telecommunications Industry since 1986, installing Voice and Data cabling systems throughout the U.K. The Head Office is located at Swinton, Manchester, in purpose-designed premises close to the M60.

We provide a complete network cabling service, from design, installation, and project management through to commissioning. Our engineers are fully trained in all aspects of voice and data communication, including:

  • Network Cabling Solutions
  • Network Hardware and Telephony VOIP Solutions
  • Data Centre Infrastructure Solutions
  • Wireless LAN, CCTV and Access Control Solutions

Externally T.I.S. is able to provide underground duct installation, underground cable laying, pole erection and overhead cable installation.

A free network consultancy service is availablre for the planning of Structured Cabling Systems
Underground cable laying
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